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Giordani Turismo is a travel and tourism consulting company that offers full assistance to participants of the SPL 2012. Every travel information and necessary services can be directly obtained by contacting this agency, including air tickets emission, accommodation booking, transfer service and sightseeing tours.

Some available services are:

> Regular Transfer between International Airport Salgado Filho and hotels in Bento Gonçalves:

> Privative Transfer between International Airport Salgado Filho and hotels in Bento Gonçalves:

> Sightseeing Tours:

Rota do Vinho - Vale dos Vinhedos (Wine Route – Wine Valley):

Vale dos Vinhedos became one of the most important touristic destinations in Latin America. Beautiful landscapes, abundant gastronomy, hospitality and wine tourism are the differentials of this region. Visits provide knowing the process of wine and sparkling wine-making, from planting to bottling and they also include wine, sparkling wine and grape juice tasting. This is a different program with attractions for all kinds of people.
This tour does not include wineries visiting rates.
Length: three hours.

Projeto Cultural Caminhos de Pedra (Stone Track Cultural Project):

The History is told by the architecture, landscapes and folk culture. There is an “alive museum” which shows the past in order to value and preserve Italian immigrants customs. It is a modern view of an architectural centre raised during immigration heyday in its various aspects: watermill, countryside canteen, house of housemade pastas, looms, sweets, yerba mate and sheep are some establishments well recognized by tourists. Centenary houses made by stones, large basements, wooden houses with three floors can be seen and also chapels and other places of worship.
Length: three hours.

Rota dos Espumantes (Sparkling Wine Route): 

Garibaldi is the pioneering city in Brazil which produces sparkling wine. It is also the city which has the largest amount of brick houses built during Italian settlement. In this tour you can experience all the process of sparkling wine-making and taste some. This tour includes some of the most important wineries of the city: Chandon, Peterlongo and Garibaldi. You can also visit Estrada do Sabor (Road of taste) and the historical city centre. For decades Buarque de Macedo street exhibited eclectic trends which enchanted the architectural universe in that time. The first buildings were built with shape of faces, flowers and fruits and they stamp coat of arms, dates and marks.
Length: four hours.

Tour da Imigração Italiana (Italian Immigration Tour): 

In this tour, the visitor will access a full and differential itinerary which includes visiting Parque Temático Epopéia Italiana (Italian epic theme park), Tramontina shop and Fetina de Formaio in Carlos Barbosa – it is a house of countryside products where we can taste some cheese and salami. In order to finish the tour properly, there is this famous last tour called “Maria Fumaça – Um retorno ao passado”( Maria Fumaça (steam-enginee) – A returning to the past) which is going to be exciting and funny. It is also going to remind people railroad heyday in the region. Enjoy the train`s whistle and have fun with the musical attractions, theatre plays, tarantella and more. Drink a toast with wine, grape juice and sweet filtered drink along the ride.
Length: five hours.

Tour Região das Hortênsias (Hortênsias Region Tour): Nova Petropólis / Gramado / Canela 

A wonderful tour around the most European region in Brazil. The visitor will see the most important touristic attractions in these three cities. The tour starts in Nova Petrópolis – which is a bit of Germany – visiting Praça das Flores(Flowers`square) where there is Labirinto Verde( Green Maze) made by cypress which enchants everybody due to its beautiful decoration. The visitor will also be able to shop in the local stores of crystal, leather, knit-wear and handicrafts. In Gramado you can visit Palácio dos Festivais (Festivals`Palace), Rua Coberta (Covered Street), Kikito, Rótula das Bandeiras (Flags roundabout), Lago Joaquina Rita Bier(Joaquina Rita Bier lake) and Vale do Quilombo sight. It includes visits on the porch and at Parque do Lago Negro (Dark Lake Park) – a place where you have a romantic and charming European landscape and you can go on a paddle boat or have a delicious hot chocolate while you see the nature. You also visit chocolate factories and the tiniest city in the world at Parque Temático Mini-Mundo ( Mini World Theme Park). In Canela you go from the city centre to Catedral de Pedra (Stone Cathedral) and Parque do Caracol (Caracol Park) where you can have a pleasant trekking through the native forest. Lastly, you visit Mundo à Vapor, a theme park which shows Industrial Revolution through steam-powered miniatures, the front of the building is a replica of one of the most famous rail accident in the world occurred in Paris.
This tour does not include tickets for attractions and lunch.
Length: All day.


Phone: +55 54 3455.2788
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All the values are in Brazilian currency (Reais).
Reference exchange rate: R$ 1.82 = US$ 1.00 (Feb. 23, 2012).