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SPL 2012 Student Grants

SPL 2012 will provide a limited number of accommodation grants to support students to attend the conference. To receive this support, the applicant must be a full-time student registered toward a Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. degree in a college or university when submitting the application.

The grants will cover the hotel accommodation fee. Please note that the grant does not include the conference registration fee.

The application must include:

1) Name;
2) Institution;
3) Country;
4) Title of the SPL and/or DF authored papers (when applicable);
5) A brief description of the grant need and the motivation of the student to attend the conference;
6) A document stating the student status.
7) A document stating that the student receives a Brazilian scientific initiation grant (when applicable).

The grant allocation will prioritize:
- Latin American students;
- Students authors of SPL or DF papers;
- Brazilian students with scientific initiation grants.

Applications should be electronically submitted via e-mail to

Important dates:

Grant application deadline: Feb/24.
Results of granted applications: Feb/28.