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Social Events

Welcome Cocktail, 03/21/2011

Location: Dall’Onder Vittoria

The welcome cocktail will be an informal occasion for SPL-2012 attendees to get together. During the cocktail, snacks and sweets will be served along with beer and “caipirinha”.

Caipirinha is the most typical Brazilian drink. This internationally admired drink is produced from a mixture of “cachaça”, lemon and sugar. Cachaça is Brazil’s most popular distilled alcoholic beverage and it’s fermented from sugar cane, which is widely cultivated in Brazil.

In order to ensure excellent quality drinks for SPL-2012 attendees, the cachaça used for the preparation of drinks will be provided by Casa Bucco ( - in Portuguese only). Casa Bucco is a local craft distillery that has earned a plethora of awards for its excellent handcrafted cachaça.


Friendship Dinner, 03/22/2011

Location: Casa Valduga Winery (at Vale dos Vinhedos)

The friendship dinner will take place at Casa Valduga Winery (, located at Vale dos Vinhedos ( Vale dos Vinhedos is the first Designation of Origin (DO) for wines in Brazil and it is where the best Brazilian wine is produced. Casa Valduga is one of the finest and most awarded Brazilian wineries.

Prior to dinner, there’s going to be a visit to the vineyards and the winery facilities, during which the main products will be presented and a tasting will be held. A visit to the winery store is also planned, so that attendees have the opportunity to purchase its products.

The dinner will contemplate the regional cuisine, inherited from its Italian colonization. The entrée is going to be cappelletti soup, radicci salad with pancetta, leopoldina salad and polenta brustolada. The main course will be roast chicken and pork ribs on skewers served with strawberry jelly and pepper. As side dish, four types of pasta will be available: bigoli with sun-dried tomato sauce, torttéi with Bolognese sauce, tagliolini with mushrooms cream and bigoli with four-cheese sauce. As dessert, there will be sago with cream and milk pudding.

This outstanding meal will also include Brut and Moscatel sparkling wines, as well as Merlot wine, all from Casa Valduga.