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Oral Presentations

Each oral presentation slot is 25 minutes. This includes the time for the actual presentation (20 minutes), and 5 minutes for questions from the audience. Exceeding the allocated presentation time is not allowed. The session chair will moderate the presentation whenever necessary.

The presenters should arrive in their lecture room at least ten minutes before the start of the session. To facilitate this process, you should upload your  PDF or PPT file on EDAS by the day of the presentation. This will help us to collect all presentation files in advance.

To upload your presentation on EDAS, just login on and you will see an "Upload presentation" column for your paper. You can always upload a newer presentation at any time.


Poster Presentations

All posters must be printed in advance. The authors of selected contributions are requested to bring a poster to the conference.

The size of the poster should not exceed the A0 size: 115.4 cm (height) x 83.0 cm (width).