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About Córdoba

Córdoba, capital of Córdoba province, is located at the northern tip of a triangle between Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires map. The city lies in a fertile, agricultural area, watered by the Suquia river, which runs through the city. The province is scenic, with other rivers, lakes and valleys. Together with the mild climate, this was an ideal spot for early settlement on the colonial route between Lima and the Atlantic. 

Córdoba is one of the most important academic and cultural hub of Argentina, attracting thousands of students from other parts of the country and Latin America who attend one of the many universities located in or around the city. Full with students, the city enjoys a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere with ample offerings in the areas of sports, entertainment, and of course, education.

Thanks in part to its supply of qualified college graduates, Córdoba has enjoyed substantial growth in high-technology and become a hot-bed of entrepreneurship and innovation. It was named the "Silicon Valley of the South" by BusinessWeek and others.

How to reach

Centrally located within Argentina, Córdoba offers easy access to other cities within the country and the overall Latin American region. Córdoba is served by the nation's third largest airport, Pajas Blancas International Airport, which has direct international flights to Madrid (Spain), Porto Alegre (Brazil), Lima (Peru), Santiago (Chile), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Panama. Besides, daily domestic flights to and from from Buenos Aires, Mendoza and other Argentine cities (Salta, Iguazu) are operated.