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Final Submission

Accepted papers MUST follow the following instructions to submist the final camera-ready version. Designer Forum short papers should skip steps 2 (IEEE PDF eXPress) and 3.3 (IEEE Copyright), while Conference full papers have to complete all steps. Besides, recall that Conference papers require a FULL registration while Designer Forum ones can be covered with a LIMITED registration or a STUDENT one if applicable. More details about registration can be found here.

STEP 1: Complete a properly formatted paper document

Please use these Manuscript Templates (PDF - Latex - Word) for Conference Proceedings when preparing your final submission. A4 paper size is preferred. Note that papers exceeding the 6-page limit have to pay an additional extra fee of USD100 per page.

IMPORTANT: Final papers MUST include author names and affiliations as illustrated on templates.  A non-zero PDF top and bottom margin is required (at least 0.5 inches). Please do not include any page number, headers/footers, EDAS number, or the conference name in the final version.

STEP 2: Generate your PDF file using IEEE PDF eXpressTM (only Conference full papers)

IEEE PDF eXpressTM allows you to convert your Word, LaTeX, or range of other source files into IEEE XploreTM compatible files (preferred option). Alternatively you can use PDF eXpress to check your own pdf files for compatibility.

2.1 After creating your manuscript(s) using the template detailed in step 1, use IEEE PDF eXpress to obtain IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF(s). For this purpose, go to

2.2 Click on the 'New User' option to create your IEEE PDF eXpress account.  Use this conference ID: spl11x

2.3 Upload source file(s) for conversion and/or PDF(s) for checking. The site contains extensive instructions, resources, helpful hints, and access to technical support . Details can be found here.

2.4 Proofread the PDF file generated thoroughly. There could be missing symbols, equations, graphs and also errors reported. Please re-prepare the source file and repeat the conversion again. If problem persist, please use the online help provided in the PDF eXpress’s site to seek for their advice.

IMPORTANT: Only after you obtain IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs then proceed to Step 3. Any attempt to bypass the problem MAY result in your paper not be included in IEEE Xplore. Author with multiple papers are to make submission separately.

STEP 3: Submit the paper and copyright form through EDAS

3.1 Log in your EDAS account. Submit the PDF file obtained from IEEE PDF eXpress through EDAS. Please use your earlier EDAS paper ID to upload the PDF file. Do not create a new paper ID. Once you log in to EDAS, you will see your paper listed and a column titled "Upload  paper". Click on the upload symbol to submit your paper.

3.2 Update the authors' list, paper title, affiliation and abstract. The information will be used to prepare the final program and the table of content of conference proceedings.

3.3 You also have to submit the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form (online) through EDAS. A (c) symbol let you complete and submit this copyright form. This s required only for Conference full papers (i.e., papers that will be published on IEEE Xplore),

STEP 4: Register for the Conference

Each paper must have at least one author registered by the author registration deadline (7 February 2011) to avoid being withdrawn from the conference. Please refer to the Registration page. Any problems with regards to registration, please contact Failure to meet the registration deadline will lead to paper being withdrawn from the conference.