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The conference will take place at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in the historic building of the School of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences which is located in the downtown area known as Manzana de las Luces (Block of Enlightenment). In 2000, this place was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.



Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

The Universidad Nacional de Cordoba is the oldest in the country and one of the first on the American continent. Currently, it is an important center of reference not only in the cultural/scientific sphere, but also in the political and social ones.

The university of today, completely immersed in the life of our city Cordoba, "la Docta" (the leaned one), inherits a long tradition of struggles and rights and at the same time reflects upon the recent transformations and progress. More than 110,000 students, from this and other Argentine cities and provinces and abroad, study in its classrooms and laboratories, taking advantage of a public education with academic excellence and social commitment.

Today, like yesterday, this centenary House also has people who dream, invent and construct, with enormous talent and valuable results, a university project for all.