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Synopsys Registration Grants

Deadline: October 7, 2014

The intend of these grants, sponsored by Synopsys, that include a Student Registration Fee, is to encourage young researchers who either are pursuing a doctoral degree (PhD) or have completed it recently.


  • Applicants must include an updated CV in an email to
  • Aplicants musc fulfill this form and attach it in the same email to
  • Applicants should either be PhD students or have completed their doctoral studies no longer than six years before the time of this application
  • If you have any question about these grants, please contact:

    Registration Fees

    SPL2014 offers different registration fees to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the event. Professors, researchers, professionals as well as full-time students are encouraged to register for SPL2014. All attendees will have free access to tutorials that will be held the one day previous the conference as long as they register for them.

    All authors must complete the registration process by September 30, 2014; otherwise, the paper will not be included in the proceedings. For each paper accepted to SPL2014, a registration is required.

    Registration Fees On/By Sep 30, 2014 After Sep 30, 2014
        IEEE Member     Non-Member     IEEE Member     Non-Member  
    FULL USD$ 350 USD$ 400 USD$ 450 USD$ 500
    LIMITED USD$ 180 USD$ 230 USD$ 230 USD$ 280
    STUDENT USD$ 75 USD$ 125 USD$ 125 USD$ 175

    Fees are expressed in US dollars (USD). Note that IEEE members have a discount as presented bellow. A valid copy of the membership will be required when registering at the conference.

    Finally, one author can cover up to two (2) papers with the extra paper fee. It is possible to get published a paper with up to two (2) additional pages with the extra pages fee too. Gala Dinner tickets are also available for an extra fee, as well as a lunch package that includes lunch meals for the four days of the event.

    Additional Fees
    Lunch Package (4 days) USD$ 80
    Extra Pages (2) USD$ 100
    Extra Paper (2) USD$ 100
    Extra Gala Dinner Ticket USD$ 60


    Two methods of payment are available at this moment:

    Option 1: Credit Card

    Credit Card: payment is performed using PayPal.

    Registration Fees

    Option 2: Bank Transfer

    Bank Transfer: requires to first deposit the registration fee into the conference bank account  and send the wire transfer receipt (scanned copy) by email to

    Step 1: Wire Transfer Deposit

    1. Select your registration fee (see above for details). This method can be used only by local participants to paid in argentine currency (ARS - Argentine Peso). The conference bank account details are:

    Titular: Fundación de la Universidad Nacional del Sur
    Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
    Sucursal 6207 - Barrio Universitario
    CUIT: 30-66417781-8
    CBU: 01404603 – 01620700136804
    Cuenta Corriente en Pesos: Nº 1368/0

    Step 2: Identify your paper/s

    2. When making the payment, your bank MUST put the conference name SPL2014 and your paper ID as reference.

    SPL2014# your paper 2 digit ID no. here

    For example, if you paper ID is 59, then your bank must put the code below on your payment document:


    If your are registering  two papers with the extra paper fee, add the second paper after the first one. For example, if your second paper ID is 78



    If you have any problem or doubt when registering, please contact: